My Life PT

Bristol based personal training bespoke to your needs.

We offer a range of services to help you improve your fitness, train for an event or hone your competitive edge.

Custom Training Plans
Online Training plans
One to One sessions
Private Gym Space

Our Core Services

Personal Training
Achieve all your fitness goals with bespoke training sessions
Recover and rehabilitate from the strains of life + performance
Online Training
Not local? We provide remote training to people around the world
Sport Specific Training
Train smart to gain the competitive edge in your support
Sport Massage
Aid recovery, relieve tension and prevent injury with massage
My Life PT

Bespoke Personal Training That Delivers Real Results

We're all about you. At MyLife PT, we believe that your health is too important for a generic program. Based on your specific needs, ability and availability, our expert team work to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

Tailored Programs

Each and everyone of our sessions is specifically tailored to you. Whether it be online or in-person, strength training or rehab, we're here to help you get results.

Flexible Commitment

No commitment to gym memberships and no pressure. We know you'll love the service we provide and believe physical health should be a pursuit not a chore.

Meet Our Great Team

From World Champions to your average joe, our experienced team know how to deliver results.

Andy Wadsworth
Director and Personal Trainer
Chris Barker
Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist
Graham Wadsworth
Personal Trainer
Andy Wadsworth
Director & PT
Graham Wadsworth
Personal Trainer
Grant Rees
Personal Trainer
Hayley Smith
Sports Therapist
Paul House
Personal Trainer
Sarah Le Vaillant
Massage Therapist
Thea Payne
David Lake
Personal Trainer
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