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My Life PT

Bespoke Personal Training That Delivers Real Results

We're all about you. At MyLife PT, we believe that your health is too important for a generic program. Based on your specific needs, ability and availability, our expert team work to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

Tailored Programs

Each and everyone of our sessions is specifically tailored to you. Whether it be online or in-person, strength training or rehab, we're here to help you get results.

Flexible Commitment

No commitment to gym memberships and no pressure. We know you'll love the service we provide and believe physical health should be a pursuit not a chore.

My Life PT

Our Team

From World Champions to your average joe, our experienced team know how to deliver results.

Andy Wadsworth
Director and Personal Trainer

With over 20 years experience Andy's reputation of getting results has drawn athletes from around the world. Andy is author of The Complete Encyclopedia of Fitness Training and other books and contributed to national and international publications. He is a past Xterra Triathlon World Champion and has competed in Mountain bike World cups. With over 20 years of Personal Training Andy is one of the Worlds experts with a list of successful clients in his bank including Cycling World Champions, Triathlon World Championship competitors, Marathon runners and Adventurers taking on some of the toughest challenges on Earth. But Andy still gets the same pleasure and satisfaction from training those just starting out and wanting to make their dreams however big or small become a reality.

Chris Barker
Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist

Gentle in nature, but mentally tough, Chris has completed the world's toughest endurance events. His enthusiasm is infectious and results are his business. With over 15 years experience Chris has helped hundreds of clients go on a journey from starting out wanting to lose weight and get fit for the first time right through to completing their first event. Getting people to feel like they deserve to belong to and be part of the athletic community.

Graham Wadsworth
Personal Trainer

Graham has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, working successfully with a range of clients from first time exercisers to Triathlon age group World Champions. Graham has competed in the Ironman World Championships and a number of Xterra World Championships as well as cycle races in the past. There is no stopping him and at age 40 has just qualified for the London Marathon elite start with a time of 2:36. Both in and out of the gym Graham will be able to offer you the experience and support you need to reach your all time best.

Paul House
Massage Therapist

Paul will Assess and treat musculoskeletal problems such as poor posture, sports injury and provide rehabilitation advice. Having completed a number of tough sporting challenges including Ironman Paul understands the demands sport place on the body. Looking after your body will help keep your training consitstent and get you towards achiving your goals.

Grant Rees
Personal Trainer and Open Water Swim coach

Grant became has been passionate about exercise and helping others for many years and has learned from practicing what he preaches, Ironmans, double marathons and more. As a Dad with 3 daughters in their younger years, Grant has a top understanding of getting the family, work and training balance right. Grant has an added facility of using a local lake for open water swim training and is the master of giving those new to open water their confidence.

Hayley Smith
Sports Therapist

Hayley graduated from University of the West of England (UWE) with a first-class BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. Hayley has helped many everyday people work through their injury challenges. From mountain bike world champions, ultra marathon runners, Ironman athletes to Rugby players there is so much experience to offer clients.

Sarah Le Vaillant
Massage Therapist

Sarah has been a valuable member of the team for over 15 years and has vast experience of helping clients to stay on top form and deliver their best both in the work place and the sports field. Sarah is able to use her Massage therapy techniques and yoga exercises to help you get the most from yourself.

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