My Life PT

Prices To Suit All Budgets

We provide packages to suit all budgets, and you can book as few or as many personal training sessions as you need. There’s no joining fee, no monthly payments, no contract and no notice period – just the resources, support and expertise you need to achieve your goals.


With MyLife Personal Training you’ll get the following benefits:

A free initial consultation with a member of the MyLife Personal Training team in Bristol

A bespoke training plan tailored to your needs that will help you achieve your fitness goals

Access to the MyLife Personal Training Team of physiotherapists, coaches and massage therapists


Specific Training Prices

Prices for sessions with MyLife Personal Trainer:

Personal training sessions start from £47.50 per hour

Online training plans from £120pm

Sports massage: from £40

Physiotherapy: from £40

Why Us?

Benefits of working with MyLife Personal Training

We can help if:

You want to lose weight in the most efficient way

You are struggling to motivate yourself

You are unsure about how to exercise

You are currently suffering from an injury

Optimise your physique for your sport

You want to improve your self-esteem

Get a free initial consultation

Discuss how the MyLife PT team could help you.

The Team look forward to helping you achieve your goals
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